Saturday, October 4, 2014


sundayswsharonI was just awarded a tiara by Sabrina York, one of my fellow writers in the highly (and still) successful anthology of all SEALhunks, Hot Alpha SEALs. It was a thank you because one kind reviewer said the person who brought this group together deserved a crown or tiara. I guess that would be me. Well, it started with me, but then the whole group did so much to make this a smashing success, I hardly feel like I deserve it. But I do consider myself somewhat of a princess from time to time. So like they say, "If the boots (I've been to Nashville) fit, wear them. I rather like the way this tiara sits atop my head so I'm claiming it.



I had many years selling real estate, as most of you know, and so many stories that will someday get into a book, but one of the funniest ones came to mind when I was unwrapping Sabrina's package. One of my dear Realtor friends from the D.C. area had a game she played with her staff. It got her office meetings off to a great start in the mornings. They had a big bin of hats and each person would choose one and wear it to the office meeting. I think the requirement was that you had to pick one that most closely matched your mood. My friend was always being accused of having a Princess complex, and so she chose the tiara. They had their meeting that day. Her staff puts away the hats and Jane went to her office, picked up her listing file and left for her appointment.

I think she was meeting with a new senator that day. She had a great rapport with the couple, all the while noting they were examining how she was dressed, smiling, including her hair. Jane thought to herself that she must be especially good looking that particular day (and she usually was impeccably dressed), especially her hair. Until she got in her car after the appointment, and, looking in the rear view mirror, she noticed she had never taken her tiara off.


I've done things like this before too, like hold the open house in the wrong house (which became the basis for my Chapter 1 in Accidental SEAL, the audio book is on special), and although I didn't meet a hunky naked SEAL on the bed, I have found naked men sleeping when I was showing houses. A writer can take inspiration from anything, so I combined these two events into one. The pantyhose never happened. Well, only in my dreams!

I've listed property being at the wrong address too, so sure I had an appointment there, insisting they'd forgotten the appointment, don't you know. Because I'm a princess. I'm perfect. Only after writing down the notes and double checking the address finding I'd just listed someone's condo who had never made that appointment with me. I know what you're thinking, "Sharon's dangerous." Well, I was the No. 1 agent for a time north of San Francisco, for the No. 1 company. You don't get there by being squeaky clean.


But when I am confident in myself I can do anything. What about you? Do You have a similar story where you did something you would have never done, had you known you were making a mistake? I was lucky that the couple wanted to move, just like Jane was lucky the senator and his wife had already made up their mind to hire her. Who knows what they thought, but Jane had the confidence to go forward and because of her confidence took their extra scrutiny as a compliment. Had she been fearful an opportunity could be lost. And then there was my friend the Realtor from Utah, a former Miss Utah, USA contestant, who lost her front tooth cap into the client's fountain and had to do the presentation to them practically toothless. Another story for another time.

Having confidence in our writing, our stories, keeps us in good mental health. Writing is a marathon, not a sprint. We have highs and lows. We make mistakes, sometimes really big ones. But in the end, we just keep on plugging along, our butt in the chair. I hope I never stop laughing at myself. I'd love to hear your stories too, if you have one, or have one you've heard.




  1. Oh Sharon, you make me laugh with your stories. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. You are so welcome. Yes, I've been a good girl, and a very bad girl too. Life happens, right?

  3. :) Sharon!

    You look adorable in bling. You should wear it every day!!!

    And I have to say it again, THANK YOU for everything you did to make Hot Alpha SEALs a huge success. It was a great bundle and a phenomenal group of authors to work with!


  4. Ahhh, Sabrina, you were a pure joy to work with and it was indeed my pleasure. I've made lifelong friends, and you, my dear, are one of them!!

  5. :) I feel the same Sharon! I am so glad we met!!! I hope we can work together again on something stellar in the future. In the meantime, keep your tiara polished, baby!!!!!!!

  6. You bet!!! Yes, and my batteries charged!

  7. Princess Sharon??? I like it a lot. You are an amazing person and author. I, too am so glad I met you. Thank you for all your work for our military and your kindness to me.

  8. my sister went to the tiolet in the pub and came out with her skirt tucked up and her tights and knickers showing, she was so embarassed. Nice post Sharon. Made me remember lots of funny incidents

  9. Oh Deborah, I truly love what I do!!! We gotta laugh at ourselves, right?

  10. Gawd, I've done that too. Did it once at Jr. High School dance. Only good thing is that was the day when we wore 3 pairs of Cinnamon pantyhose to make our legs as "tanned" as they could be. Wasn't fooling anyone, but half the gym got to see that indeed I was wearing more than one pair, and my white legs were not really hiding from anyone. LOL. Funny stories, for sure.

  11. Sharon

    Well deserved princess tiara. I loved the Hot Alpha Seals box set. You ladies so rocked with those stories, I loved them.

    Here's a story from one of when I worked at a customer service rep, working correspondence. At the time I was going thru what would be ~2 year divorce, working overtime, when my son was with his dad. I had been working several folders of correspondence when I really realized that the folder I was working on was all from prisoners. And, what do you ask that made me realize this?!? It would be the sentence that read "I know my rights!" Uh, you don't say?! I finished up that folder, clocked out & went home.


  12. That's a great story! Thank you so much for sharing that. Two year divorce? Ouch. I'm sure it was worth it, but hugs anyway. They always say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.