Saturday, October 29, 2011

Can a Vampire Love an Angel?


Had a wonderful time last night at the Afterlife Party in San Francisco at the Julia Morgan Ballroom.

My husband and I have never done this sort of thing. It was fun planning the costumes, putting on the makeup (some of the sparklies are still on my face and in my hair as I write this). Good dancing, and the costumes! Went from over the top to downright clever.

Just to make sure everyone knew he loves me, I sported two bite marks on my neck. Everyone there knew I'd been claimed, even though I was an angel.

In more ways than one.....

Are you going to a Halloween party? Do you dress up every year. Do tell!

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm Spring Cleaning in the Fall

Leap of Faith, here. I'm de-cluttering my writing room. Taking pictures here so I can show you how nice and clean it will be after Sunday night, when I'm done! Like tossing your cap over the fence (which means you have to scale the fence to retrieve it).

I have piles of things I want to do sometime in the next year. Some things I intended to do 6 months or a year ago and never got to. I have stuffed into boxes a craft project I started too late for Christmas last year. My nose was tweaking the more I sorted through the boxes just to see what I hadn't looked at in over a year!  Dust!

When I sold Real Estate full time, every time I cleaned my desk I would do an extra piece of business that week. Didn't mean it was something I found that I needed to followup on, but the de-cluttering space I now occupied helped me be more focused, more in tuned with my customers. But it was almost a joke, as my staff would wait for that phone call that would come some time in the next  7 days, bringing a new customer. Like God was rewarding me.

A lot of my nice things were destroyed when our house burned down in 2008. We've been in the new house now just over a year. Still incomplete, I discovered I designed a house that was bright and light, with wonderful two story walls and windows, including a huge roll up garage door window in my dining room, but did not plan into it any storage. So, closets, like this one, are few and far between, and have become catch-alls.

I'm reading a book on Simplicity, making do with less. Seems to be something a lot of people are struggling with. Making do with less money, less things, less complications. I'm even doing with less weight, having lost 40# since May, and that definitely means a lot less of the binge foods that got me to my predicament. And, like my closet and messy writing room, putting off until later that time when I should diet and watch my weight, my body became cluttered with extra baggage.

Not any longer.

Truth is, I have a beautiful home, glorious in all ways that are important to me. I love how the music wafts up to the second story, and the grand living room feels like a sanctuary of sound when I play my favorite CD or listen to Sirrius. I play the Spa channel all night long.

So now God gave me this second chance to live here in this new space. Time to act like I deserve it. Watch for my next post where I will proudly display that I've cleaned up my act.