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Welcome Victoria Embers - Vampire Lovers Unite!

Victoria Embers, author of the series My Vampire Lover, is celebrating the release of her latest novella Redemption, (My Vampire Lover #2).
If you have read her current release, Conquest (My Vampire Lover #1), you have seen the excitement this 2,500 word short story has started for her series.  She's gotten some great reviews and some not so great reviews.  But all are ready for more of Caroline and Raphael’s story.  And that is great to see.  I asked Victoria to share an excerpt from Redemption for my blog today.
About the Author
Victoria Embers splits her time between being a stay-at-home mom and reading paranormal romance. She believes good romance should make you purr while good steamy romance should make you scream, but in a good way of course. Embracing her love of vampires and werewolves and the naughty situations they find themselves in, she's currently writing a novella series called My Vampire Lover with a blend of paranormal romance, fantasy, and erotica featuring, you guessed it, vampires and werewolves.
Her current series, My Vampire Lover includes:
  • Conquest (My Vampire Lover #1) - Released Nov 2012
  • Redemption (My Vampire Lover #2) - Released Feb 2013
  • Day of Reckoning (My Vampire Lover #3) - Late May 2013
You can read Conquest (My Vampire Lover Part #1) for Free on Amazon. Victoria included the first two chapters of Redemption in the free download as well.
About Conquest (My Vampire Lover Part #1)
Caroline, a werewolf and princess of the Golden realm, has discovered a new love in her vampire captor. She's willing to risk everything, even her life, to prove to him she loves him and has forsaken all others including her family and her pack.
About Redemption (My Vampire Lover Part #2)
Before Caroline fell for her vampire lover, she met Raphael, a warrior of the Dark realm under difficult circumstances. Raphael's father, the dark lord Asmodeus is killing off her family and presents Caroline as a pet to Raphael. Caroline has secrets of her own and wonders if the vampire willing to help her escape an enemy or friend? Realizing he must take action, Raphael works quickly to persuade the werewolf beauty who has claimed his heart to leave with him at once if he has a chance of setting her free. Amazon Buy Link for Redemption.
What did you learn while writing Conquest and Redemption?
Because I write in the fantasy genre under another name, I simply wanted to try something new.  It wasn’t easy at first.  I struggled greatly with trying to figure out what I wanted to write about and if I really could write romance.
Releasing the short story, Conquest was a smart idea and a totally bad idea.  It got my name out there, but it also anger people greatly that they didn’t have more to read.  The story was only 2,500 words.  Don’t ask me what I was thinking.  Since releasing it in November 2012, it’s been downloaded as a free ebook some 60,000 times so I know people are looking at it.  I added the first two chapters from Redemption to the short a few weeks ago and that seem to have helped the negative complaints.
I’m anxious to see what interest Redemption generates and see if readers like my version of paranormal romance.  I watched so many of my favorite romance files, read love poetry, and tried my best to really think about the concept of ‘true love’ and not letting an opportunity for love pass you by.  That was my focus.  It was great fun and I hope to be writing another novella in the series for a May release.  We’ll see how it all goes.
What is the theme of the overall series, My Vampire Lover?
I love the romance novels where the lovers want to be together, but can’t. I like the idea of Caroline and Raphael wanting to be together, but because they come from different worlds it is a big struggle for them.
What inspires you to write?
Actually I’m new to all of this. A friend suggested I sit down and write the story I have been telling her and that’s what I’m doing. It’s a new adventure for me and I’m very excited about doing something creative. Simply, I like to think of this series as a love story I’m writing. Once I complete it, I’ll look to the next story to write.
How many books to you anticipate will be in this series?
Probably 4 novellas. I’ve already started work on My Vampire Lover Part #3 and hope to have it out by the summer.
Do you like writing in series, or single?
I think I like the series approach, but I don’t think I’ll have a lot of books in this series, My Vampire Lover. I may spin it off into another set of books for the Dark Realm or Golden Realm. Those are my imaginary worlds where everything takes place.
Did you get “the call” or did you get the call to “go Indie?"
I’m Indie all the way. I may someday submit a book to a traditional publisher but I love the freedom being Indie gives me.
If you could have a date with one of your characters, which one would it be and why? Where would you go?
Oh gosh, that’s easy. Raphael, the hero in my series, My Vampire Lover. He is tall, dark, handsome, but has a sweet heart and wants to do what’s right. I like to tell my writing friends who know who Jimmy Thomas is, the male romance cover model that Raphael is Jimmy with blue contact lenses. {Insert wicked grin here.} You know what I mean, Sharon, your covers feature Jimmy Thomas and they are all gorgeous covers.
Who are your favorite authors/books?
I have dozens I could name. Maybe a few would be Anne Rice, James Joyce, and my fellow writing friends who are new authors like me, Alexandra Anthony and Catherine Wolffe. They support me a lot.
What are you working on now?
I’m actually working on my next part of my fantasy series, the Vampire from Hell. Some readers know what pen name I write under, and that this one is my new jump into erotic romance. I don’t share it to everyone, but some are catching on. I throw hints out now and again J I’m also working on the next Vampire Lover story that I want to release in May of this year.

Thanks for letting me be on your blog today, Sharon. I really appreciate it! Everyone be sure to leave a comment after you read the excerpt. I love getting feedback!

EXCERPT from Redemption (The following excerpt is acceptable for all audiences.)
Raphael led me through a secret door in the closet of his bedroom I was surprised I had not found.  We followed a long staircase down along a cave made of red stone that was hot to the touch.  I felt clumsy and awkward wearing his oversized clothes, which consisted of a dark green jacket, a black long-sleeve shirt I tied into a knot at my waist, matching jeans and boots, and a knit cap he requested I stuff my hair under.  As the delight of smelling his masculine scent on the articles of clothing washed over me, I tried my best to focus on the steps and stay close behind him so I wouldn’t fall against the wall.  Once the staircase ended, we stood before a four-foot steel door that didn’t seem to have a doorknob.
“How are we going to get through that?” I asked, motioning to him that both of us were taller than four feet.
For some reason, he found my question amusing.  “Like this,” he replied.
Suddenly he vanished before my eyes.  All I could see was an immense cloud of blue smoke.  Then I heard Raphael’s voice.  “I’ll open the door from the other side.”
When the door flew open, he stood there, fully clothed in his long black trench coat, T-shirt, jeans, and leather boots like nothing had happened.
“Now that’s some trick.”
“I’ve got a few up my sleeve.”  He locked the door, checking the hinges and making sure all the corners of it remained secure.  I admired his magnificent stature in the dim light.  As I glanced around to see where the light source was coming from, I realized it was from a red moon that peeked out occasionally from behind dark clouds.
“I’ve never seen a red moon,” I commented, not really expecting a reply.
“I wouldn’t expect so.  We’re near the center of the Earth.”  He paused for a moment and studied me.  “Have you been to the center of the Earth?”
“No,” I replied, hoping I sounded convincing.
He continued.  “Have your eyes adjusted yet?”
“Almost.  Why?” I asked.
He nodded.  “We have a long distance to cover quickly.  I want to make sure you can keep up.”
“I can keep up, fanger.”  My mother’s blind arrogance immediately flared up in me, a trait I instantly regretted showing off.
His pleasant disposition turned dark.  Momentarily, I took a step backwards, waiting to see what he’d do next.  Being low on energy, I’d be unable to summon the Wolf in a moment’s notice if he attacked me.
“Let’s get something straight, Caroline,” he said.
“I meant no offense,” I offered gently, hoping to derail a fight.  I needed this man on my side.
He sighed loudly and gathered my hands up in his.  The warmth of his touch startled me and I felt that spark again.  Weren’t vampires ice cold to the touch?  I studied his hands enveloping mine for a moment.  In the low light, I couldn’t see the details of his wonderful large hands, but I felt the strength, the raw energy charging through them.  I was helpless to move as he towered over me and held me in his clutches.  For a fleeting moment, fear surfaced in the back of my throat.  I wanted to scream, yank my hands away, even if I didn’t flee with both of them.  I wanted to tell this vampire I needed no one’s help, especially his.  I was on a mission.  I had to avenge my brother’s death.  And yet, I couldn’t move.  His presence overwhelmed me.  His touch soothed me.  His brooding stare mesmerized me.  He was the essence of the Legend of Vampyre I had read about, the stories my aunt had shared with me as a child.  She favored all supernatural creatures that fought for the well-being of others, not the demons who only understood pain, torture, and death.  Unfortunately, I had no understanding of that while my younger brother had learned firsthand what the demons would do, but this vampire was different.  In the short time I had known him, I already understood that.  Aunt Elizabeth’s words filtered through my mind.  “We have a lot to learn from them as well, Caroline.”
“I know we don’t have much time, so I’d like to ask for your respect.  I actually need your help.  If you want to get out of here, I would expect you’d want to help me, right?”
“I was rude.  I shouldn’t have…”  Raphael cut me off, continuing his dialogue.
“Yes, I’m a fanger, but there is a difference between me and the demons here.  The people who will set you free are fangers too.  They fight for good, not evil.  I fight for good.  You must understand that now.  Just because you’re a princess of the Golden Realm doesn’t mean you are the only one fighting for good.  We’re here, in the trenches every day, fighting for our salvation and yours, for the humanity of our worlds.  If the Dark realm ever infests the Golden realm and extinguishes the Light, it’ll be all over.  Surely you can understand that, Caroline?”
Hearing his declarations of justice astounded me.  I had found an ally and I understood his concerns only too well.  He didn’t know it, but we were on the same side.  He’s one of us, I told the Wolf.  My heart exploded a second time.  Each time he addressed me by my name, it collapsed my very soul.  This vampire who I had known for as many hours as I could count on one hand spoke to me as an equal.  Me, the kidnapped princess.  Me, the assassin seeking revenge.  I wasn’t as innocent as I wanted Raphael to believe.  And he wasn’t as haughty as I wanted to presume him to be.  I was a princess of a realm that held few joys for me since losing my brother and aunt.  A realm that was in trouble because of my father’s grief.  His heart was growing darker by the day, and I knew I had to stop him.  It was true, what my aunt had said to me the last days of her life.  He’d follow my mother to a very dark place if someone did not stop them.  And that would mean war.  My world wasn’t so different from this vampire’s.  Perhaps the Moon Goddess did have a plan for me after all, as my aunt had said.

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Thank you, Victoria. I am chillingly attracted to your Alpha vamps and the world you've built. I can tell, our paths will cross many, many times, over many, many lifetimes!!


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Wrist Bands for Tucson and beyond!

I had these made for giveaways, and will be packing them, along with my books to the Tucson Festival of Books at the University of Arizona next week. I'll be at the Romance Author booth both Saturday and Sunday, March 9 and March 10.


If you sign up for my newsletter, send me notification of the email, and your snail mail address, and I'll send you a wrist band and some bookmarks. Offer stands through March, so tell your friends. Send your email to:

I'm also attending the Arizona Dreamin' Convention in May, as well as others planned. I've been invited to speak at the Silicon Valley Chapter of RWA on my Indie Publishing journey. Also invited to speak at Orange County RWA Chapter on writing military.

Going to be stepping out this year. Not a usual thing for me. But learning how to promote, get my name out there, and have a career I never though I could have. Has been a truly fabulous ride.

More later.

Stop by tomorrow, when I interview Victoria Embers. You won't want to miss this interview with the author of Conquest and Redemption, Books 1 and 2 of My Vampire Lover.


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Mortal Bite is Live! Just in Time for Valentine's

So excited that Mortal Bite is now live on Amazon for Kindle. I had such fun with this book. Lots of yummy characters to use in future books in the series. And, because I couldn't get too far from my SEALs, I had to write some in. Wait until you see what they do when they learn that vamps trace! Better than jumping out of a helo with all that equipment, right?

The saga will continue because I uncovered some fascinating things about the Golden Vampire lineage. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, enjoy!

You can order Mortal Bite by clicking here.

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