Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I love the ad agency who did this commercial for the new Fiat Abarth. Like it so much I had to let it linger on my site for a bit.

Every man's fantasy, right? Isn't that just the best thing about being a writer, bringing these little scenes together?


  1. Wish I could see this, computer can't do it.
    I love Fiats. Had a 1960 one in "68 and bought a new Fiat 850 in 1970 for $1400.00.
    But soon they left America.
    Now again in US with the 500, not familiar with Abarth.

  2. If you Google Fiat Abarth You Tube you can probably call it up. Really funny ad. The little car looks great, although I'm not in the market. Just love the ad...

    Thanks for stopping by.