Friday, September 16, 2011

Expect Miracles

I am filled with gratitude beyond belief. Maybe this is supposed to be my natural state of being.

Someone is definitely looking out for me. Even woke up on Wednesday after a pedicure. There were sparkles on my toes.

My future's so bright I'm gonna need shades, to quote Steely Dan.

Boy has it been a long time coming.

I'm even starting to love my editing.


  1. Way to go! Did you get good news? I hope so!

  2. Not writing related, but a huge burden lifted off me. I know someone was looking out for me.

  3. Hugs for my lady. I'm glad you're doing good and that your life has turned over a new leaf full of positive energy. :)

  4. JD, Glad that you are part of my tribe. Funny how adversity makes us want to give back more...